Kadeem born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; in the year of 1992. 

He has been in love with photography ever since the young age's of his life, looking at every single thing around him examining it in an in-depth point of view looking at shapes and patterns and how it all comes to part. Kadeem is self taught, as he grew older his love for photography then elevated; going to the local Barnes & Nobles just to check out the latest fashion mags, also reading pages upon pages of information about photography to gain more knowledge. Eventually he purchased his first DSLR camera, from that day on it has shaped his life and the life of others around him and who have seen his work. Expressing how he feels and what he sees in our society today, through images. Kadeem is now test shooting with modeling agencies throughout the NYC area such as Major, Colby, Boss, Wilhelmina Models, and others.
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